Common Solar Objections Your Team Will Face in the Field

Installing solar energy systems on a home or business is a big investment. The sales process can be long and involved, since buyers need to consider all the pros and cons carefully.

When solar objections arise, they may have to do with return on investment, maintenance costs, and cost reduction viability – or how much solar power can reduce a bill in the real world. 

Sales representatives need to know how to counter these objections to close the deal.

Solar Power Systems Are Too Expensive

The most common objection you’re likely to encounter is the price of the solar energy system, despite it being more affordable than it’s ever been. There’s good reason to believe those costs will reduce even more as well, since solar is becoming more widely available and supported.

Along with this, prospects may believe that they’re better off “holding out” until solar gets even cheaper. The problem is that they’re missing out on cost savings in the meantime, which would more than make up for the difference in price.

Solar Energy Equipment Is Expensive to Maintain

For some, cost of ownership and maintenance matters just as much as the cost of purchase and installation. Unlike other alternative energy sources, however, solar power has minimal moving parts to maintain and manage. For example, a wind turbine has numerous points of failure that can compromise the system.

Solar’s method of producing electricity is photovoltaic and not electromechanical, so the overall system can operate fine for long periods with little to no maintenance. A reputable dealer or installer will also be there for the customer after the installation is complete.

Solar Panels are Expensive to Replace

There are few parts at risk of damage or problems, but solar panels can break and may be expensive to replace. Prospects may be concerned about how this will affect their cost to own.

Solar panels can break, but the force needed is well above what is typical for a roof. Sure, some climates have hail storms and natural disasters that can pose a risk, but it’s not common. Short of areas prone to violent storms or hurricanes, most areas experience little that would damage a high-quality solar panel.

Solar Panels Aren’t Necessary – Electricity Is Fine

While some people will hear out a pitch, others may object to the very idea of installing solar. Electricity is enough for them. If what works is good enough, there’s no reason to go through the process, take the time for surveys and installation, or spend the money.

This objection can be more challenging because it’s about their stage in the buying process. Fortunately, a solar prospect right now could turn into a paying customer later. “Not now” doesn’t mean “not ever.”

Boost Sales with High-Performance Sales Training

Solar sales representatives can have their work cut out for them. These objections – or some version of them – are common in the solar industry. Without the right strategy and training, they can be hard to overcome. If you want to equip your team to counter objections and close deals, high-performance sales training can help. Contact AJC Group today to get started! 

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