Frequently Asked Questions

If your team is unmotivated, not producing, or your sales culture is toxic, stagnant, or overall losing you money, your solar business will benefit from sales training.

Yes! I offer solar leadership coaching to professionals that want to learn how to lead your team with compassion and efficiency while still creating solid boundaries and creating structure and accountability.

The best time to hire a sales coach is unique to your circumstances. Many of my clients have hired me in stages of growth when they needed strategies in place to continue to scale, and other clients have hired me during times of stagnation so that they could turn their business around. There is not a one size fits all answer to when to hire a sales coach; it depends on how the current and future state of your business ties in with your goals. But, it is important to recognize that unless you are willing to make the investments of time, money, and effort into coaching, you aren’t ready to hire a coach.

Absolutely. We can help your solar company generate more leads through content marketing, SEO, and through additional services through our vetted and trusted partners.

The AJC Team can help you with operations support, from solar stamps and permits to project management support.

Yes! If you’re serious about making moves your solar business, you absolutely need SEO. Our team combines content marketing and SEO techniques to help you dominate your market and scale the ranks of search engines.

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