How to Run Paid Ads for Solar

How to Run Paid Solar Ads

Often called pay-per-click (PPC) ads, these ads are known to bring in potential traffic, eg. customers, who are 50 percent more likely to convert compared to organic traffic. Yet, solar companies such as yours have choices, including: Remarketing ads: These ads utilize a tracking pixel to show ads to someone who previously visited and interacted […]

What is Thought Leadership and Why Does Your Solar Company Need It?

How Thought Leadership Helps You Build Industry Authority & Win More Projects In our fiercely competitive industry, the companies that crush it are the ones that have the most credibility Especially if you’re trying to build a commercial solar division and create a rock-solid reputation, a thought leadership strategy helps position your company as an […]


Whether you started your solar company to make a positive impact on the environment or because you understand that solar is the gold rush of our time, everyone in business is in business to turn a profit. Solar is as competitive as it is lucrative; right now, everyone is clamoring for their piece of the […]