Common Solar Objections Your Team Will Face in the Field

Installing solar energy systems on a home or business is a big investment. The sales process can be long and involved, since buyers need to consider all the pros and cons carefully. When solar objections arise, they may have to do with return on investment, maintenance costs, and cost reduction viability – or how much […]

Your Guide to the Solar Sales Process

In the solar industry, the sales process moves slowly, but it pays to move fast and close the sale with a potential customer. A streamlined sales process ensures that sales representatives follow up with leads faster and reach them when they’re ready to buy, shaving valuable time off the process and closing the sale faster. […]

Why Your Sales Team Has Trouble Overcoming Objections

sales objections in solar from a sales coach

No company is without its sales challenges. Even the highest-performing sales team is faced with obstacles and objections that diminish buyer relationships and affect their ability to communicate with prospects and customers effectively. What sets a successful sales team apart is the ability to strategically overcome the challenges they face. Here’s how. They Don’t Ask […]

Metrics Aren’t Management


Performance metrics as a key component of strategy has been the standard practice for the past few decades. Metrics are used to give strategy form and purpose, taking an abstract concept and making it actionable. The downside of using performance metrics to define strategy is that the company can lose sight of its strategy in […]

Maybe it’s Time to Fire Your Best Performing Sales Rep

Your best-performing sales rep goes far above and beyond everyone else, always hits quotas, and always brings their best. If that’s a healthy sense of accomplishment and competition, great! If not, you may need to consider if it’s time to fire your best-performing sales rep. The numbers aren’t worth a toxic sales culture that damages […]

What Do You Do With C-Player Talent

Unfortunately, they can’t all be winners. Some team members will be the B or even the C players. They’re competent in their roles, but they don’t go above and beyond like your A players.

The Biggest Secret to Your Sales Team’s Success

Sales Team Not Hitting Those Numbers? Here’s a Simple Tip That Causes a Huge Shift in Productivity If your solar sales team isn’t performing, at the end of the day, it all goes back on the shoulders of the leader. As the leader, it’s your job to motivate your team, determine the metrics they need […]