What is a 7-Figure Mindset?

Getting in the Headspace to Take Your Solar Company to 1 Million Dollars and Beyond

You want your solar company to dominate the market. You want your brand to be synonymous with solar energy. You want to be the go-to provider for renewable energy. 

The solar industry is growing more competitive every day. If you want to smash your goals, you need to have a multi-million dollar mindset.

5 Ways Solar CEOs Can Get Into a Million-Dollar Mindset

If you take anything away from this article, it should be this: what got you to your first 6-figures isn’t going to get you to your first 7-figures  Or your next 7. Or 8.  

Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can get into the right mindset to hit those numbers:

1. Think Big Picture

Every decision you make, from the moment you get out of bed to the moment your head hits the pillow will affect your business. 

I want you to try something:

For a week, with every single thing you do, I want you to ask yourself “is this making my business any better?”

Hitting “snooze” means 9 minutes your brain isn’t actively working towards your goals.

Spending time BS-ing on social media isn’t moving the needle, unless you’re using it with intention.

Those meaningless meetings that could be emails with action items are holding you back.

When it comes to 7-figure success, everything matters.

Do this exercise for a week and see how quickly your mindset shifts from stagnation to success.

2. Recognize the Value of a Good Team

You aren’t going to hit multi-7 figures without the right team. If you do, you’re an anomaly, and most people aren’t.

Take a look at what people you have in what seats. Where do you see them in five years? Imagine if your company was already hitting your revenue targets. Would these be the same people you’d hire? 

If not, it’s time for the hard conversations.

Hire people for the company you WANT, not the company you HAVE.

And when you DO have people in your company that are aligned with your visions, treat them well. Do what you need to do to keep them around. Your company is only as strong as your team.

3. Reevaluate Your Systems and Processes

Imagine for a moment that you get a massive influx in business. Is your company prepared to take on that kind of growth? What about your systems and processes would slow down your success?  

Time kills deals. If you have any cracks in your sales process anywhere between prospecting to profit, seal it up. Doing this puts you in the mindset for growth.

4. Invest in Your Personal Growth

Hitting huge goals and making massive shifts goes far beyond business acumen. Sometimes what’s holding you back from success is YOU. Hiring a coach to help you with your personal development will benefit you AND your business in the long term. 

5. Look at Everything as an Opportunity

Start thinking about things your solar business COULD do instead of only what you’re doing right now. What big moves can you make to start dominating the market?

Running a residential solar company but not hitting your revenue goals? Consider adding a commercial solar division. 

Notice a market that people avoid? Do it differently and completely crush it. 

Fill in gaps in the industry. Figure out what your competition is doing wrong and go do it right. Find weaknesses in your business and turn them into opportunities.

Your Mindset is Everything in the Solar Business

Solar is the future, and smart business owners see the potential for massive success. Right now, everyone wants a piece of the pie. If you’re not prepared for the long game, you’re not going to win it––you won’t even finish. 

Getting your mind right means getting your business right. 

Remember: Business is not a spectator sport. You’re here to play, and you’re playing to win.

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