Revolutionizing Solar Sales: Why a Trusted Advisor Approach is Key in a Commoditized Industry – Insights from a 16-Year Solar Industry Veteran

Revolutionizing Solar Sales: The "Trusted Advisor" Approach - Insights from a 16-year Solar Industry Veteran

As the CEO of The AJC Group, I’ve been closely monitoring the solar industry for over a decade. It’s no secret that the industry’s been going through a major shift as of late. The days of the one-call closes are over, and the industry is becoming more and more commoditized with each passing month.

The days of cramming as many solar panels as possible onto a roof, regardless of whether it’s practical or financially viable for the homeowner or business, are long gone. As such, solar companies in the residential and commercial sectors have been forced to rethink their approach, strategies, and how they view their customer base. That’s where the idea of being a trusted advisor and offering tailored solutions comes into play.

In a world of up-and-coming Gen Zers, the trusted advisor approach may sound a bit old-fashioned, but now it’s making a comeback for three critical reasons:

  1. Building relationships: With a trusted advisor approach, you’re not just trying to close a deal. Instead, you’re building a relationship with your customer. This allows you to understand their needs and provide customized solutions that meet their unique requirements.
  2. Differentiation: As the industry becomes more commoditized, it’s essential to differentiate yourself from your competitors. By positioning yourself as a trusted advisor, you’re setting yourself apart from others who are simply trying to close deals.
  3. Long-term success: The trusted advisor approach is not just about short-term gains. It’s about building long-term success with your customers. By understanding their needs and providing customized solutions, you’re more likely to retain them as customers and generate repeat business.

As we continue to see the shift towards a more commoditized solar industry, it’s crucial for CEOs and heads of sales to embrace the trusted advisor approach.

By doing so, you’ll be able to build stronger relationships with your customers, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and achieve long-term success.