How to Train Your Door Knockers to Generate More Solar Leads

Train Your Door Knockers to Generate More Solar Leads

It may seem as if sales have shifted online. And though a significant amount has, door-to-door sales are still a critical part of the solar industry. The core reason is face-to-face relationship building; customers and prospects want to work with a trusted advisor.

Here we’ll discuss a handful of ways to help your door-to-door solar sales team generate more leads:

  • Knowing the products and services; 
  • Understanding from the prospect’s point of view; 
  • Making meaningful connections; and 
  • Consistently following up with prospects.

Know Your Solar Products Inside & Out

Residential and commercial solar consumers want to learn from and work with an expert in the solar field. As a solar sales rep, it’s their responsibility to know the products. It means the benefits, features, limitations, and confidence when speaking with a prospect.

Understand Your Prospect’s Pain Points

Finding the main issue or concern is vital to provide a solution to a prospect. Many solar sales reps use a script of questions to probe. But be ready to ask yourself questions in the process, such as:

  • Will our solar product help save them money?
  • Does it add security to their life?
  • Is our solar service more dependable than our competitors?
  • Does our product or service have a unique feature that could be a game-changer for this customer?

Make a Meaningful Connection

As prospects’ expectations shift, it includes trusting whom they’re doing business with. They want to be understood but reserve the right to walk away if the sales conversation doesn’t feel beneficial. 

It’s a fine line between understanding your prospect and being intrusive. With verbal cues, pay attention to how your sales pitch is received from the prospect’s body language, breathing, facial expressions, and other non-verbal cues.

Know How to Overcome Objections

Objections arise daily in solar sales, as customers and prospects have questions about a product or service. In door-to-door sales, the sales rep must address and overcome these to make the sale. Along with product knowledge, the rep needs to anticipate objections and have honest answers for them.

Build An Interactive Sales Pitch

Interactive content better prepares your solar sales rep for a conversation. Video, photos, and calculators are three common ways to engage the prospect. These open the door to a deeper understanding of the prospect’s needs.

Always Follow-Up

Effective solar sales are about building relationships and providing long-term value. Scheduling a follow-up after a door-to-door call is an excellent way to start building, even if the initial answer was no. Make it clear to the prospect you’re reconnecting to discuss the solar product, allowing them the time to think further about the conversation. 

In the meantime, your sales rep has a chance to reflect on objections from the prospect and prepare an effective counter.

Learn Compelling Solar Sales Tactics For Door-to-Door Sales

Connecting with prospects and customers is a great way to build trust and lasting value. These tips, plus additional training with the AJC Group, can be used by any solar sales team. We strive to empower your team to grow a customer base and expand business ventures. Contact the AJC Group today to begin!

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